Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded! In case you missed it, here’s the link to the campaign page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ewwhitehead/brothers-the-series-pilot-episodes

And here is the official list of all the incredible people who funded our Kickstarter campaign. We cannot thank all of you enough for your incredible support! Many, many thanks to:

Adam Humann

Alan & Casey Schmidt

Amado Miio

Andrew & Sharlay Sloss

Andrew and Cheré Davis

Barry R. Whitehead

Ben Stiefel

Brian Ogilvie


Charlie Newell

Cheryl Walker

Chris Rozanski

Christiana Smith

Christopher Miller

Cornelius Smal

Dan Adams

Dan Whitehead

David Douglas

Deuce & Hound

Duke Nicolas Dromard

E Talley II

Eric Sievertsen

Greg Delo

Jake the Jake & Baxter the ‘Riffic

James Tabeek

Janelle Robinson

Jen Spencer

Jeremy Gaddy

Jesse Swimm

Jillian Bowlin

Jonathan Cipriani

Jonathan Freeman

Josh Keirstead

Katherine Dickson/Guapa Films

Katy Hinson

Mabel Fierro

Marcus & Clara Cheong

Mark Skelton

Mary Allocco

Maura Klugman

Melissa Noël Edgar

Michael Zapata

Michelle & Logan Riley Bruner

Nathan Armstrong

Neil Kaye

Nic Justice

Nicholas & Alana Urda

Nick Gray

Nicole Lajom

Noel & Karyn Thurston

Sandro Splendore

Sarah Orio

Sean MacBride Murray

Shalin Agarwal

Sims Lamason

Stephan Stubbins

Steve Gibb

Stuart Lofthouse

Taylor Becker

The Uschmanns

Tina-Marie Casamento & David Libby

You All Rock!

EW and CS